Loose weight the logical way

This article is intended to all healthy individuals who choose to loose weight the logical and sensible way.
We ought to learn from nature which has a pot of valuable goodies for our daily lives. One of which is the restricted diet where the coyotes as an example do not eat daily and therefore lean, energetic and healthy.
In the medical field the liver acts as the gateway pathway for all ingested and inhaled things. Furthermore, the liver acts as a “snickers bar” which provides immediate energy required over a 24 hour period. In other words, your piggy bank of energy through out the day.
In the case of over consumption, the liver then stores its energy into fat.
Basically I devised a plan of loosing weight without exercise. I lost 70lbs over 6 months with out breaking a sweat. If those of you choose to exercise, be cautious of over consuming due to the “demand” and “supply” method. I encourage exercise without a doubt but a thorough understanding is required.
The more you exercise, the more you break down tissue, the more external sources of energy, vitamins and electrolytes, building blocks, and hydration becomes required, aka more eating and drinking. It’s the healthier way to loose weight but will require a lot of dedication, self will, and persistence.
Another topic we all need to know is blood type.
Blood type is like an engine which requires certain type of fuel, aka not every engine runs on gas.

Another relavent subject in weight lose is counting calories.

Staying within 2000 calories daily intake after reaching your ideal weight to height and gender rule.

For those that are healthy and willing to loose weight without exercise, I suggest Monday and Thursday’s to eat normally without restrictions with the exception to stay within the 2000 calories daily rule.
Here’s how it gets tricky where Tuesday and Wednesday I recommend half of your daily intact aka 1000 calories. The first two to three months include Saturday and Sunday as well. Yes, it’s another form of starvation diet if the term fits.
Eventually, only Tuesday and Wednesday would be sufficient after the third month until the six month. Be patient do not give up. It is tough initially but you will find out to be more energetic with an uplifted mood.
Take any person without food as an example, that person becomes hyper and active. Obviously, in moderation and persistence your body will learn to consume its stored energy from the liver and now you’re on your way to lean hood.

Lastly but certainly not least is Stress and its ramifications on weight fluctuation.

The fight or flight mechanism and cortisol production from the adrenal gland have an impact on weight fluctuation.

In summary, weight lose can be achieved without breaking a sweat through what I call “starvation diet”. Eat sensably and in moderation with occasional restricted intake throughout the week until you reach the weight you desire or what your height, weight and gender ratio requires.
This “starvation diet” is not for everyone.
Please consult with your physician prior to commencing any type of diet.


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